Sinking Sun, as Schiele had originally titled this artwork features a melacholic expression through nature. In a similar way to Four Trees, there are elements of trees here which are drab and unhealthy.

Versinkende Sonne (Sinking Sun) produces a cold feeling as light disapates. Light and colour were naturally key to expressionist artists, as shown with other paintings such as The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Student Rudolf Leopold proclaimed, "...You call this painting just a sunset.... Looking at this work, however, one would have to say, with all the appropriate melancholy, that the sun is sinking. It's already grown dark and cold in the foreground, and every leaf on the twigs has grown stiff from the cold. And before such a deeply melancholic sky, which no artist before Schiele ever painted in such a way, I am even moved to ask - will this sun, which is just departing, ever return?"

The setting sun here illustrates how Schiele could use landscapes as well as portraits for communicating his emotions and the style of expressionism goes well beyond just recreating what one can see.