You can find print reproductions of all of Schiele's most famous paintings available from this website.

Our paintings section features a full list of the choices available, simply click through to your preferred artwork. You can then find links to buy print copies of them from, who are our recommended retailer.

Four Trees along with multiple self-portraits are amongst the most popular choices, though there are other genres available too, such as his charming landscape paintings which remind many of Klimt's own landscape paintings.

Virtually the entire catalogue of Schiele's past work is faetured within the huge product collection. There are also many prints from other famous artists to enjoy too, such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.

There are matte card options for adding space between an artwork and it's frame, though unframed prints offer a great budget price alternative.


List of Famous Egon Schiele Artwork

A selection of some of the better known Egon Schiele artworks can be found below. Those with their specific pages in this website are also linked to from here. The artworks here tend to be full-scale paintings or pencil drawings, which were the artist's main two mediums.

Famous Expressionist Artists

Find below a list of some of the most influential expressionist artists, from a variety of movements including Abstract Expressionism as well as other more modern groups. The artists here spread across the entire 20th century, and right up to the present day.

  • Max Beckmann
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  • Willem de Kooning
  • Jackson Pollock
  • George Grosz
  • Oskar Kokoschka
  • Josef Gassler
  • Alfred Kubin
  • Otto Dix
  • Francis Bacon
  • Lucian Freud
  • Patrick Heron
  • Milton Avery
  • Max Weber