Whilst being an exceptional creative spark, Schiele would sometimes require the diplomatic skills of Gustav Klimt in order to persuade members of high society to employ his services.

His personality and artistic style were both more rough around than edges than his colleague, but a little understanding of an artist at work helped Klimt's connections to accept Schiele into their fold.

The Lederer family, for example, were hesitant as first but eventually owned a huge amount of Egon's work, including drawings and watercolours.

The Bridge came about as an extra artwork completed whilst being commissioned to produce a portrait. He was attracted to the oriental style of this construction and would relax beside it as he studied how to go about capturing it on canvas.

Egon took great care with this painting, amending it throughout 1913 before finally settling upon the completed work. The Bridge was in Gyor, a town in Hungary. It was here that the family estate of the Lederers was located.